Fifty Shades Darker of Me

IF YOU’VE READ the prequel to this post (Fifty Shades of Me) then you’ll know what this is about: it’s another fifty things about me. Only darker*. Fellow bloggers, have a go at this yourself!

* Not dark as in sinister (that would be odd), just a continuation of the Fifty Shades of Grey theme.

51. My favourite accent is that of a South African.
52. I don’t like pine furniture.
53. I’m not easily scared or excited.
54. I suffer from hay fever in the summer.
55. Big fan of Jaffa Cakes.
56. I’ve been writing stories since I was physically and mentally able to do so.
57. My favourite film is E.T.: The Extra Terrestrial.
58. Badly-taken pictures, especially of food, is a major pet hate.
59. The last time I ate a McDonald’s was in 2010.
60. I love snakes.
61. The first album I bought was Busted by Busted.
62. My favourite punctuation mark is the semicolon (;) – sophisticated yet misunderstood.
63. I almost always sleep with the windows open.
64. I have an awful lot of time for a well-written rhyme.
65. Good manners never go amiss.
66. I’m right-handed.
67. The only film I’ve ever cried at is Bambi. But don’t tell anyone.
68. My favourite Harry Potter character is Professor McGonagall.
69. I like wearing hoodies.
70. I love airports.
71. I collect postcards and US number plates.
72. Some of my favourite smells include antiseptic, petrol and apricots.
73. I like parenthesis, of which, in case you didn’t realise, this sentence is an example.
74. You will never get me to buy The Big Issue.
75. I have a horrible habit of finding fault in things.
76. I don’t do tents.
77. eBooks and SatNavs will never have a place in my life.
78. My favourite cheese is a reeeally strong Cheddar.
79. I used to play rugby for school. Didn’t say I was any good, though.
80. Maths is not my strong point.
81. I can’t click my fingers.
82. I’ve never owned anything by Apple.
83. I couldn’t tie my shoelaces until I was 10.
84. Spaghetti is my favourite type of long pasta.
85. I know (pretty much) all of the stations on the London Underground.
86. I’m loath to spend money.
87. I’ve never had a filling.
88. I’m one quarter Scottish.
89. Georgian houses are my favourite style of house.
90. As I child I was once bitten by a horse.
91. I don’t own a credit card.
92. I like forests.
93. I prefer my eggs scrambled, if you’re wondering for the morning.
94. I change into more comfortable clothes as soon as I’m home.
95. I don’t like waiting.
96. I once refused to go into a shop for over four years after the owner accused me of stealing.
97. I was born on a Friday.
98. I love maps.
99. I’d like to at least see The Queen before one of us dies.
100. I do not like sand.


3 thoughts on “Fifty Shades Darker of Me

  1. I’m with you on frogs and tents. Both horrid, though I see their purpose in life.

    I can do a mean Seth Efrican eccent. It’s my favourite accent to bung on. I can keep it going for quaate some taame. I’m good at a thuck Kiwi eccent too – similarly contorted vowels. Most Australians can attempt it, but I can convince people I’m from West Auckland.

    My favourite accent to listen to rather than simply impersonate is Glaswegian. Where is your Scottish quarter from?

    • Naace!

      My roots are from the Highlands and Islands and so it’s a fairly mild accent, which I prefer. Even as a native English speaker I can find the Glaswegian accent pretty hard to understand!

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