Fifty Shades of Me

INSTEAD OF A new article, I thought this might be a chance to “tell” (or rather list) you some things about theconnorsseur. On that note, if you want me to write an article about something, feel free to let me know!

And I’d also like to point out that I’ve not read Fifty Shades of Grey; I just liked the pun.

1. I love thunderstorms.
2. My favourite colour is blood red.
3. I don’t like frogs.
4. I like to freeze Kit Kats before eating them.
5. I passed my driving test first time.
6. My favourite words are ‘phantasmagoria’ and ‘metastasise’.
7. I have a scar on my top lip.
8. I can name all 50 US states in alphabetical order. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona…
9. I like scarves.
10. I’m a Scorpio.
11. If I could be any animal, I think I’d be a duck.
12. My sweet tooth is probably a bit too sweet.
13. I’ve been teaching myself to play the piano since I was 13.
14. I’ve never been to Portugal.
15. I like things to be tidy and in order.
16. If I can walk there, I will.
17. I’ve been in a hot air balloon.
18. Any umbrella I buy almost always ends up breaking.
19. Somewhere down the line, I have Spanish blood.
20. Around 51% of my diet is tomatoes. (This is a rough approximation)
21. I wear four rings.
22. My favourite fruit is probably strawberries (if they actually count as fruit…)
23. I don’t routinely watch football but enjoy it when I do.
24. I can’t decide whether D7 or F#m is my favourite piano chord.
25. I don’t like wine.
26. I’ve seen Lady Gaga in concert three times.
27. I have hazel eyes.
28. I don’t like bungalows.
29. I wish I’d taken up a sport and instrument earlier in life, amongst other things 😦
30. I’m very fond of garlic.
31. A typical bowl for cereal for me consists of 62%  milk and 38% cereal. (Again, this is a rough approximation)
32. My hair used to be bright white when I was a kid but now it’s dark brown.
33. I once got offered a job at Hollister in the street.
34. I have UK size 11 feet.
35. Apparently like everyone else, I like the cold side of a pillow.
36. I drink so much water I could be a fish.
37. This is contradicted by the fact that I am slightly thalassophobic.
38. I like to think I’m an excellent judge of character.
39. Pistachio is my favourite ice cream flavour.
40. I watched 2012 Olympics coverage all day every day.
41. I am assimilating an impressive collection of classic literature but this is happening slowly.
42. I have a lock of hair that falls out of place if I don’t make it stay there.
43. I believe foxes are misunderstood animals.
44. You wouldn’t want to hear me sing.
45. I used to want to be a dentist.
46. I have around 10 different laughs.
47. I’d be pretty good on your quiz team.
48. I’ve broken my arm before.
49. Symmetry must be attained wherever possible.
50. Cameron Diaz once said ‘hi’ to me and asked how I was.

More? Fifty Shades Darker of Me


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